Get Involved

You can 'sight' your favourite place by completing these simple steps...

WARNING: Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported by Google Maps. To avoid issues when using the map, please upgrade to a more recent version of Internet Explorer, or use an alternative browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)

Step 1. Find your sight

The first job is to locate your sight on the map. You can search for addresses and post codes, zoom in and out with the + and - buttons, and drag the map around with your mouse by holding down the left mouse button.

Once you've found your sight, drag the grey marker on to it. If you zoomed out, make sure you zoom in again to check the marker's in exactly the right place.

Step 2. A few details

We now need a few pieces of information from you. Firstly, please tell us the name of the place you're proposing, and then tell us all about it. Don't forget to say what you like about it, and why you think it should be added to our map using the following criteria:

  • Significance (to the local community)
  • Rare (few remaining)
  • Good looking (architectural merit)
  • Well made (method of construction)
  • Something happened (scene of important event)
  • Group (collective relevance)

If you have one, you can also attach a photo.

Step 3. Submit!

Please read through everything you've just written, and make sure you've attached a photo, if you want to. Once you're finished, click the submit button below to send us your sight. We'll then review it, and add it to our map as quickly as we can.

Please only submit photographs that you have taken yourself. By clicking on "Submit My Sight", you are declaring that you own all copyrights in this content or have authorisation to upload it.